Self-sustainable mobile veterinary clinic

The LSPCA has a self-sustainable Mobile Vet Clinic. We run commercial days to generate income to service the low-income communities in and around Lilongwe.

Our experienced and dedicated vet team provides friendly and professional services. You can bring your pet to the LSPCA mobile clinic for check-ups, vaccinations, deworming, wound treatment, and minor veterinary treatment.

The Mobile Clinic is stationed

Every Wednesday from 9.00 till 14.00 hrs, at Woodlands-City Centre Lilongwe.


Every Friday from 9.00 till 14.00 hrs, at St. Paul CCAP Livingstonia synod church, Area 49-Lilongwe.


Free Farm Animal Services

The LSPCA supports rural communities around Lilongwe to improve the welfare of their farm animals, boosting health and production to secure income and better livelihoods and food security for small-holder farmers.

Our farm clinics, in the heart of local villages, treat as many livestock as possible; without our effort, the majority of these animals would not receive any veterinary treatment during their entire life.

Farm clinics

Community mobile veterinary clinic

Every clinic opens our eyes to the glaring need for veterinary care as we often treat up to 350 animals in one day. During our community clinics we treat dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other pets for minor wounds, we vaccinate them against rabies and other diseases and we spay and neuter dogs and cats to reduce the number of street animals in Lilongwe.


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You'll find us in Kanengo, on the outskirts of Lilongwe city. When driving from the city centre on the M1, pass Kapani and continue for 400 metres, you'll see our signpost on the left. We are located approximately 200 metres before the turn off to Salima.

Hospital Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 07:30-16:30

Saturday 08:00-12:00

Sunday Emergencies Only

 +265 994 682 900 - Emergency (24/7)