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A transcontinental journey of impact: Our esteemed partner from Germany witnesses the triumphs of our rabies surveillance and vaccination project in Malawi.

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In a momentous event that highlights dedication and global collaboration, our distinguished project partner, Welttierschutz-gesellschaft e.V (WTG-Germany), crossed continents from Germany to Malawi to witness the transformative impact of our Rabies Surveillance and Vaccination Project. This journey is more than a visit; it's a testament to the power of partnerships that transcend borders and a celebration of the efforts we've made in combating rabies.

During their visit, WTG-Germany actively participated in our Rabies Surveillance and Vaccination excersize. From observing the surveillance process; rabies education, to rolling up their sleeves and engaging in vaccination efforts, they immersed themselves in the day-to-day operations of our project. This hands-on experience allowed our partner to witness the direct impact of their support.

Beyond vaccinations and surveillance, the visit emphasized the importance of community engagement. Through our local team, the WTG-Germany interacted with local residents, gaining insights into the challenges they face and the progress our project has brought to their lives. This personal connection fosters a sense of shared responsibility and solidarity in the fight against rabies.

WTG-Germany's journey is not just a singular event but a call to action for global citizens. It illustrates the impact individuals and organizations can have when they transcend geographic boundaries to collaborate on shared goals. We invite others to join the cause and contribute to the collective effort against rabies.

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The visit of WTG-Germany to Malawi stands as a pivotal moment in our project's history. It not only reinforces the significance of their partinership but also highlights the interconnectedness of our global community in addressing critical health challenges. As we continue our journey, we express heartfelt gratitude to WTG-Germany for their unwavering support and look forward to a future where rabies is but a distant memory in Malawi.

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