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Donkeys are often neglected animals in this part of the world. Fortunately, Malawi's donkeys are not neglected, together with the Donkey Sanctuary UK, we have the opportunity to bring change to the donkey's lives. 

Peter cleaning donkey wound

In Malawi, donkeys support many households by providing a regular source of income to families who own donkeys. Until this project started, no farmers in Malawi were using the carts and harnesses specifically designed for donkeys to ensure good welfare. We have been seeing positive changes- fewer wounds, correct cart, and harness use, better hoof care, and recognition of donkeys as sentient beings ( so they feel pain like we do).

The 12  lead farmer donkey owners (representing 36 villages) and the LSPCAs project coordinator visit and monitor over 2500 donkeys around Lilongwe and Dedza and deliver veterinary treatment at monthly intervals to 100s more.  The improved welfare of donkeys is attributed to their owners. The owners have all been trained to use a diagram called a 'hand tool' (because it is designed to look like a hand to help everyone remember the main welfare issues) to assess and monitor the health and well-being of their donkeys. Our donkey clinics put the donkey at the forefront for veterinary care, one donkey at a time and up to 350 donkeys visiting a clinic on a single day.

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You'll find us in Kanengo-Roberts/Area 28, on the outskirts of Lilongwe city. When driving from the city center/Lilongwe town on the M1, just passed Area 30 police, turn at Total filling station, then take your second turn to the right, then first turn left, and about 300 metres you'll see our signpost.

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